Welcome to BF Admin Tools

BF Admin Tools (BFAT) is a set of tools and utilities for Battlefield 3 and 4 servers. Some features will also work with BFH.

BFAT is designed as SaaS requiring no setup on configuration on your end. This means no Procon plugins. The system interacts with your server's RCON interface directly.

We are currently in the very early stages of development with a very limited feature set. BFAT is not designed to replace Procon and its plugins (yet), but rather to compliment them.

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This list is frequently changing so check back often.

VPN Detection/Kicking

Status: Live

We accurately detect and kick players who connect using VPNs. A clear kick message is set instructing them to disable their VPN and reconnect.

Admin Control Panel

Status: Alpha Testing

An interface for server admins to control system settings and view logs from a web browser.

Permanent Player Muting

Status: Live

Why kick players who are problematic in chat when you can just perma-mute them instead?

Racist Chat Detection

Status: Live

Race trolls annoy us all. We will automatically detect racist trolls and add them to a master perma-mute list which you can enable if you so desire.

Ping Spoofing Detection

Status: Live

Ping spoofing requires injecting/modifying the game, similar to cheating and is malicious in nature.

Battlefield Agency Integration

Status: Live

Integrate with BA to protect your BF3, BF4, and BFH server(s) from cheaters! No Procon plugin required!

BF4DB Integration

Status: Live

Integrate with BF4DB to protect your server from cheaters! No Procon plugin required!

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Miscellaneous statistics from BFAT. These stats are specifically from servers running BFAT and do not represent all of Battlefield.

24 Hours 30 Days All Time
Active Servers on BFAT 88
Total Scanned IPs (for VPN checks) 0
Total Detected VPN IPs 0
Unique Players 0 0 0
Total Joins 0 0 0
Total Chat Messages 168,172 4,170,271 259,394,283
Live Anti-Cheat Bans 0 0 0
VPN Kicks Last 0 0 0
Ping Spoofing Kicks 0 0 0
Battlefield Agency Bans Enforced* 0 0 0
BF4DB Bans Enforced* 0 0 0
Kills Tracked 0 0 0
Total Headshots Tracked 0 0 0
Total Knife Kills 0 0 0

* Stats from servers which have feature enabled. Not all servers use all features.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions mostly surrounding VPN detection.

Why was BFAT created?

It was mostly due to my VPN detection/kicking system needing a new home after Battlefield Agency shut down. The system had only recently been written and pushed into production and it worked far too well to just throw it away. When the basic code was written to have it run by interfacing with RCON the realization was made that it wouldn't take much more work to add other features into the system.

Aren't VPNs good for privacy?

In simple terms, no. To explain why is far beyond the context of this FAQ.

One of the better writeups I've found regarding this can be found on GitHub.

This is not the movies...IP addresses don't give away your physical location with any more accuracy than (at best) the city/town you're in.

So what's wrong with VPNs?

VPNs themselves are fine. The problem is most cheaters use VPNs to avoid account links and hide when they create new accounts to further their cheating agenda. I noticed a decrease in cheaters by about 95% in my servers when kicking VPN users.

How accurate is the VPN kicking system?

That's a bit of a loaded question. So far we have found the system to have a false positive rate of less than 0.01%. The system is built to constantly learn and as such, the detection rate is always rising.

How much data do you have?

As of this website update our database contains 0 IP addresses of which 0 (%) are identified as VPNs and/or hosting providers. These numbers rise every single day as the system is constantly learning and receiving new data from servers which are using it.

Aren't you just using a VPN list from somewhere else?

Not exactly. We use some existing lists for baselines and weighting on certain things and then we run our own checks to fully determine the status of an IP.

The problem with existing lists is that they don't keep up with the constant evolution of the internet and how/where IPs are allocated. Our VPN detection is smart and always evolving. It is by no means a static list and data changes every single day.

How much does it cost?

It's free. Donations will be accepted at some point in the future when we have more to show for our work :)

Where do I sign up?

Create a #support ticket on Discord for more info.